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USA | "Intonations" Berlin | Konzerthaus Vienna | Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival | Paris | Rom

Some preview highlights for the next season are amongst others concerts at the "Intonation Festival in Berlin together with Kolja Blacher, Paul Meyer or Elina Bashkirova. The Mozart Piano Quartet will be present at there "Frick Collection" in New York on their tour in April. Schumanns Piano Quartet as well as his "Fantasy pieces" in the version for Viola will be preformed at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival beginning of June together with Markus Groh, Latica Honda-Rosenberg and Jens-Peter Maintz. He will perform more concerts in Rom (Villa Massimo) or Paris (Théâtre des Champs Elysées) At the Naantali Festival in Finnland and the Casals Festival in Prades he will be heard with artists such as Arto Noras, Patrick Gallois or Elina Vähälä among others. In 2019/20 Hartmut Rohde will extend his collaboration with distinguished chamber orchestras such as the Franz Liszt chamber orchestra. Among the concerts a highlight in the Konzerthaus Vienna and a CD production with cpo. Further festivals and concerts in Germany, France or Finnland are previewed with other orchestras. 

Recital with Lauma Skride, Hindemith-Festival Berlin, Josef Tal Violasonatas

After conducting a successful first concert with the wonderful Wroclaw Chamber orchestra Leopoldinum in the Philharmonie Wroclaw the new year heads off with a recital in Arnheim together with Lauma Skride, piano. A main event will be the Hindemith Festival in Berlin from February 7th-9th 2014. As an artist director Hartmut Rohde brings together musicians such as Marie-Pierre Langlamet, Jens-Peter Maintz, Nora Chastain, Latica Honda-Rosenberg, Francois Benda or Julien Beaudiment. Concerts and discussion podiums will take place in the Konzerthaus Berlin as well as in the Joseph Joachim Saal of the UdK Bundesallee. 

Besides further trips and concerts with the Mozart Piano Quartet (NDR Hamburg and Landshut) Hartmut Rohde will record the oevre for Viola and piano by Josef Tal - a former Hindemith student in Berlin and later one of the leading composers of Israel. Recording will take place for the WDR radio station in Köln together with renown pianist Christian Seibert. 

recommended link: Mozart Piano Quartet

Hartmut Rohde is a founding member of the Mozart Piano Quartet...


CD Chamber music by H.G.Witte - composer, conductor and friend of Johannes Brahms

current CD:

"Chamber music by H.G.Witte - composer, conductor and friend of Johannes Brahms"

artist: : Mozart Piano (2018)

Composer: :